Seeking Investment Outperformance Is Useless

I enjoy challenging myself and thought I would use my blog as a challenge today. I am a wordy writer, so challenged myself to write a post that uses only one paragraph and less than one hundred words (preamble included) yet sends a valuable, powerful statement. Now let me challenge your thinking. If you are trying to beat the market or strike it rich with your investments...stop! You're playing the lottery and will fail. If you're an advisor selling investment outperformance...stop! You cannot deliver alpha, and can offer so much more. Seeking return is high cost and low probability.


Russ Thornton said...

Nice post, Nathan. While I enjoy your lengthier writing, this is a nice change of pace.

And thanks for the link, too

Nathaniel G. Gehring, CFP® said...

What's interesting to me about writing this, Russ, is that it took far more time and much more effort than my usual posts. Generally, I edit very lightly and allow my thoughts to remain the way the came to me, for this I really had to distill.

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