True Financial Planning: Where It Begins

What is that one goal in your life that drives you every day; that one thing that, if achieved, will allow you to feel you have lived a life fulfilled? What is that goal that will give everything purpose?

While it's in your head:

      - Tell your spouse, a family member or friend about the goal
      - Write the goal down
      - State the goal out load even if only to yourself

Now that you've made the goal real by telling someone about it, writing it down and saying it out load; begin to plan how to achieve that goal and how to do so as quickly as possible. There is nothing more important than realize that goal.

Call you financial advisor and tell them that this is the one thing you need to plan for first, and all the other goals need to either be subordinate or support reaching that goal. This will help you create a financial plan which you are truly committed to and that you will want to achieve. 

If your financial advisor tries to convince you that this goal is not worthwhile or a waste of money or silly, I suggest you begin interviewing new advisors. Nothing could be more important than achieving the one thing which gives your life purpose! There are advisors who would be happy and excited to help you achieve it.

Begin today, don't delay. Your happiness, contentment and fulfillment await.


Fordwilliam said...

There are many benefits to using the services provided by certified financial planners. An analyst can discuss your short and long term goals and help set realistic milestones to achieve these.

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