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I have started a second blog which you may find interesting if you are a financial professional. I will be using this blog to create a business plan for a financial planning practice. My goal by going through this process on a blog is to create a practice which has total transparency to potential clients and partners. And I hope for the blog to be a space for sharing of practice management ideas between financial planning professionals. I would like my business plan ideas to be vetted in a public place, but I also hope that other professionals will be able to draw ideas and inspiration from the discussion that occurs on the site.

It is not yet a certainty that I will pursue the path of building a financial planning practice (there remains at least one alternative employment opportunity which I am pursuing that would excite me greatly), but I think this exercise can be valuable to myself and others. Therefore I have decided to start this process now. 

Please feel free to join me at the Blogged Business Planning blog to discuss practice management ideas, review my business plan and practice thoughts and to join a place to have a critical discussion about what a financial planning practice should look like.


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