CNBC On? Change the Channel.

If you are not a viewer of CNBC or any other market "news" source, bravo! If not, I implore you to stop watching and to break the habit as quickly as possible.  If you are a believer in actively buying and selling stocks and bonds and taking a lot of action in the market, the near real-time raw data may be of value to you. However, in my opinion, the talking heads and interviews on these channels provide absolutely no value for making personal financial decision and, in fact, perpetuate the "more is better" and "keep up with the Jones's" way of thinking. This cannot lead you to making appropriate and financially aware decisions. Watching these channels will not help you maintain your values and reach your goals. Instead you may be brainwashed to continue chasing the next big thing, hoping to strike it rich overnight. This form of investing is virtually no different than purchasing lottery tickets and does not set you on a path to increase the likelihood that you reach your goals.

These channels are entertainment outlets, not financial advice delivery mechanisms. They have no incentive nor obligation to help you, only to maintain and increase viewership. This seems often achieved by playing to the human emotions of fear and greed, either by sensationalizing stories of investments with wild returns or drawing viewers with doom and gloom news. Being financial aware includes not allowing negative influences of this type to subconsciously impact your decision-making.

There may be value to the financial professional in watching these channels, but I am certain there is no positive impact to the average American trying to make well-considered financial decision. If you must watch, at least turn the volume off so you don't have to hear the useless flow of information. Keep your brain clear to focus on how financial decisions will impact you.


Anonymous said...

That's why I listen to WI public radio. It's a good source of unbiased information. - Eric

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