Why This Blog and Why Me

"Living Financially Aware" is about better understanding the role of money in your life.

I have spent the past five years working in the financial planning industry and have encountered many difficulties during this time in this industry. I have seen a well-respected financial planning firm implode, watched as many people desperately needing financial advice go un(der)served by the industry and watched individuals unaware of the impact money has on their lives give up freedom of choices because of this lack of awareness. I also was fortunate to have many powerful and positive experiences. Most important among these was my introduction to a community of individuals truly committed to helping people financially on a deeper level than most of the industry is willing to address.

Personally, I have undertaken a great deal of learning to help people financially. I have had to use this learning for myself as I have been without employ since September 2009. My family and I have been able to weather this period due to strong financial habits and a great awareness of the force of money in our lives.

The purpose of "Living Financially Aware" is to share much of my learning with the hope to help others. I hope to reach a group of people not well-served by financial planners, people who desperately need financial assistance but are unable to receive it in an unbiased manner. My goal is to have a profound, positive impact in people's lives.

I plan to discuss and clarify these themes more deeply in the near future and appreciate your feedback. I welcome you to my blog and hope you enjoy and find value in my writing.


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