Poor Financial Decisions & Money Regret

We've all made poor financial decisions. You have, I have, and every other person out there has. What's more, each of us will continue to make poor financial decisions from time to time, regardless of how knowledgeable we are about finances. Last week, I discussed the money taboo in our society. Today I am going to discuss poor financial decisions and shame around those decision that are exacerbated by that taboo.

Making a poor financial decision is nothing to feel shame about. All of us act emotionally at times and make financial decisions colored by emotion. This can lead to bad results. Allowing the money taboo to prevent you from seeking help can create far more negative consequences than the initial poor decision, however. The period following a poor financial decision is exactly the time to seek advice from others; whether that be a financial professional, a parent, or a friend.

If you find yourself in a position where you have made a poor financial decision that is large enough that you need to make another decision about how to deal with it, don't go it alone. Seek help. Speak with a friend. Call a financial advisor. Talk to someone close to you. You will likely feel some embarrassment admitting your initial poor decision, but that is a small price to pay to prevent long-term severe financial damage. 

Your asking for advice will also help others. They will see you as an example of someone willing to discuss their mistakes and talk about money openly. This may make them more willing to seek help when the time comes that they make a poor financial decision.

Regretting a financial decision is not harmful, but allowing the money taboo to prevent you from seeking help can be very harmful. The money taboo in our society impacts us in many ways. Exploiting our money regret is one of the most powerful.


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