Some Top Financial To-Do's That You Are Probably Not Doing

I have a very simple post for you today. There are several financial to-do's that a great many people are not doing. You may be one of those people. There is nothing difficult here, nothing that takes a tremendous amount of work or sacrifice, nothing you have not heard before. Yet each of these items will improve your financial well-being. Start doing them.

1) Contribute enough to your company's retirement plan to receive the full employer match. If you are not doing this, you are returning a portion of your paycheck to your employer. This should be an absolute priority, even if your budget is very stretched. Is there any other instance where you would turn down a paycheck your employer hands you? You've earned that money...take it!

2) Speaking of a budget, create one. Do it now. Stop procrastinating. Creating a formal, planned budget is the single most important thing you can do to positively impact your financial well-being. Even if you never look at it again, the simple act of putting all your expenses to paper will help you become more aware of how you use your money and may spur you to make changes, if necessary.

3) Stop buying stuff. I'm not asking you to stop buying things you need or things you want and have planned for. Stuff is made up of the purchases you make that end up being used once or never used, that don't bring value to your life and that you made for some reason other than because it was important to you. Maybe that stuff was on a great sale. Or maybe there was a great commercial that made you really want that stuff. Maybe you don't know why you bought that stuff. Stop using your money to buy it.

There's nothing difficult here. Putting together a formal budget requires the most work, but will also have the greatest impact. These are all steps you can take on your own at little or no expense to you. Get started on each of these today, and you'll have already improved your financial well-being significantly with very little effort.


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