Friday Financial Feeds

Every Friday I will post links to a half dozen or so articles and online discussions related to personal finance and financial awareness from the previous week which I found particularly interesting and useful.

This week’s Financial Feeds:

A nice article including a chart comparing small-business employer retirement plans for the 2010 plan year. Brought to my attention by Chris Carosa.


On LinkedIn, Russ Thornton posted a great question discussing the disconnect between what financial advisors and clients believe advisors should be doing for clients. A great topic and a great discussion.

I referenced this article earlier in the week. This is a great article written by Oleg Mokhov on Wise Bread detailing the power that spending less had on making his life happier. Very relevant to financial awareness.


The Behavior Gap blog is one of my absolute favorites. Here a recent post discussing that we have a habit to forget bad times in the market when things are good. A great reminder.


Here an article from Roger Wohlner linked in an earlier blog post by me. This includes a simple, great explanation of the various ways financial advisors are paid and some of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

I hope you enjoy and find value in each of these articles and discussions.

I will be traveling at the beginning of next week and unsure about how effective I will be in writing new blog posts. Look for me to return with certainty by Wednesday. I wish a good weekend to all.


Russ said...

Thanks for the mention, Nathan. I've enjoyed reading your blog the last few days after finding it via Twitter

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