What Financial Awareness Is Not

In a previous post, I explained how I define what financial awareness means to me. I think it is equally important that I explain what financial awareness is not.  Most importantly, financial awareness should not be misconstrued as living a financially-focused life nor financial pedantry. Being overly focused on your finances can be equally destructive to your wealth as being unconcerned about your finances.

Except in extreme situations, financial awareness should prevent you from having significant worry about your finances. It should allow you to live your life without a great focus on your finances because you are knowledgeable about how your finances are supporting you. You should not have to lose sleep, concerned about your finances. If you believe you are financially aware because you spend a great deal of time thinking or worrying about your finances, you are likely less aware than you realize. Your financial situation may dictate that some concern is necessary, but you should be able to placate those worries by reviewing and adjusting your financial situation.

More to come. Enjoy your weekend...spring has sprung!


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