The Power of Spending Less

I ran across this tremendous article on Wise Bread over the weekend. So much of what is written here mirrors my own thinking and experience. I highly recommend this read to anyone looking to become more financially aware and to focus more on what creates meaningful wealth. Pursuing what truly makes you enjoy life can have a far greater impact on your wealth than being caught up in our consumerist society.

This excerpt says so much:

How? It's simple: When you don't spend, your focus shifts to finding experiences. Great experiences stay with you. And those experiences are what last and will make you truly happy, not possessions or the next fleeting entertainment rush that come and go.
Think about it: What has really made you happy in your life so far? Some gadget you bought a while back, or...
  • A beautiful walk with someone you love?
  • Sitting in front of a fire with your friends?
  • Playing sports with great people on a sunny afternoon?
  • Hiking and enjoying nature?
  • Holidays with your family?
  • Spending the day making music or painting?
I hope you enjoy and find value in this article as well.

How Spending Less Made Me Happier | Wise Bread

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